Color Cowboys and Cowgirls

This coloring book includes two Black Cowboy and two Black Cowgirl coloring pages. Fans will be excited for the return of Slim the Cowboy with both a full sized design and a close up for extra detail. “My Life Is Awesome: The Coloring Book” also introduces us to a new Black Cowgirl character, similarly featured in a full size and close up page for a total of FOUR Black Cowboy and Black Cowgirl coloring pages. All four ranch designs offer the opportunity to color sought after items like hats and boots and saddles. Each scene includes a horse. Fans of My Brother Santa loved the character of Slim The Cowboy, and now here is a chance to see him when it isn’t Christmas, along with another new original character at his ranch. These are unique images of a Black Cowboy and Black Cowgirl created by acclaimed artist and illustrator DaShan Thomas.

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