Maximizing the Benefits of Coloring

Coloring is an act of self care at any age. The self calming act of coloring offers children a great advantage in combatting stress and anxiety while allowing their mind to relax and pay attention to each irresistible coloring page.

Coloring in “My Life Is Awesome: The Coloring Book” offers children the unique opportunity to focus their attention on scenes celebrating diversity and beautiful Black Folk while they are simultaneously calming their minds. “My Life Is Awesome: The Coloring Book” includes themes of Black Families offering protective caregiving, in scenes full of warmth, involvement and emotional support.

Coloring books are great for travel, and this book proves it. “My Life Is Awesome: The Coloring Book” offers scenes set in a variety of locations with a variety of activities to inspire creative anticipation of family adventures, while at the same time existing as an easy-to-carry handy travel activity that won’t take up too much space.

Coloring books require creative effort that sparks imagination while teaching motor skills and hand-eye coordination. “My Life Is Awesome: The Coloring Book” offers this tangible skill building activity combined with the benefits of a diversity focus.

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