Six NEW Action Hero Coloring Pages

Now with 6 NEW Action Hero Coloring Pages!


  • Black MechaBruh (Robot) Coloring Page

  • Black Dirt Bike Rider Coloring Page

  • Black Skateboarder Coloring Page

  • Black Basketball Player Coloring Page

  • Black Soccer Player Coloring Page and

  • Black Football Player Coloring Page.



These are the BEST Hero Black American Boy Coloring Pages on Earth!

These Coloring Pages were illustrated by a Black American Man who is proud of his entire Black American lineage.

Coloring Books are very special – to children, to parents and teachers, and to all of us.

Something that special should include beautiful art and the beautiful faces of all the types of people in our world.

This package adds the handsome faces of Black Boys and Men in Hero Scenes, and the detailed, classic artistic style of illustrator DaShan Thomas to the world of coloring books.

All of the art used in these designs is original work by DaShan Thomas.

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