The Montgomery Brawl Hero Coloring Pages

The Only Coloring Book Celebrating
The Montgomery Brawl Heroes

These Heroes of the Montgomery Brawl Coloring Pages were illustrated by a Black American Man who is proud of his entire Black American lineage.

These Montgomery Brawl Coloring Pages Commemorate the 2023 Montgomery Dock/RiverFront Uprising, where Black Americans, both Black Men and Black Women, the Young & People of a Certain Age achieved Perfect Unity.

This Historic Event Happened August 5, 2023. 8-5-2023.

These Montgomery Brawl Coloring Pages feature the courageous faces of the Black American Heroes who defended a Black Man at great personal risk. They are portrayed here through the detailed, classic artistic style of illustrator DaShan Thomas.

  • AquaMayne Coloring Page
  • Mega Woman Coloring Page
  • The Co ‘Cap’tain Coloring Page, AND
  • Lady Super Dunk Coloring Page

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